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Vasari Natural Wall Plaster is the most beautiful, luxurious and affordable wall finishes available. Also known as Venetian Plaster, it is composed of finely crushed marble, aged lime & natural pigments to give you a wall finish that is closest to nature.

Vasari products are crafted for interior and semi-exterior use with unmatched beauty, versatility and ease of use. Available in different texture, sheen or colour, Vasari wall finishes can be compared to finely polished marble, soft satin, or traditional rustic stucco.

Vasari wall plaster is not a faux finish. With our products made from the finest raw materials with the highest environmental standards, Vasari wall finishes are natural, lime-based, eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and breathable. Not to mention that it is also luxurious yet affordable.

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